Visual Heritage offers an extensive range of restoration and reproduction services in Melbourne with an active interest in the care and preservation of photographs and works on paper.

All work is performed digitally using specialised software, digital restoration ensures that your original photograph remains untouched. Time can take its toll on different photographs in a variety of ways. Our experience enables us to handle the repair of all manner of imperfections. We understand that the originals we work with are irreplaceable and the utmost care is taken during handling.



The paper we use is a thick stock cotton based paper. The benefits of this are numerous. The archival properties are high. Cotton paper is one of the oldest papers used and contains no lignin. Unlike paper made from wood pulp which does contain lignin, this means it won't disintegrate for years. It also is of a high GSM, a thick stock paper so it doesn't crease as easily as normal photographic stock and older photographic stock which can be a reason why photos need to be restored in the first place. Another important factor is the aesthetics. It's a purely matte finish so it tends to bring out more details in the photographs, has the appearance of more contrast, looks brilliant under glass when being framed and can mimic some defunct darkroom papers.

The inks used are exclusively pigmented which means they are archival. This means a much longer lasting time and fade resistance which is important even when under house lights as they do omit UV rays. 

Using this technique we have a far superior control over colour and tone.