Visual Heritage Photo Restoration and Picture Framing Melbourne Australia

Photo Restoration

Using the latest digital imaging techniques Visual Heritage offers an extensive range of restoration and reproduction services in Melbourne. We understand that the originals we work with are irreplaceable and the utmost care is taken during handling. We have an active interest in the care and preservation of photographs and works on paper.

All work is undertaken at our Melbourne premises.

Photo Restoration

All work is performed digitally using specialised software, digital restoration ensures that your original photograph remains untouched. Time can take its toll on different photographs in a variety of ways. Our experience enables us to handle the repair of all manner of imperfections.

Featuring a vintage Australian beach scene from the 1940s which was part of our printing and photo restoration in Melbourne service.

Commonly encountered repairs include Creases, Tears and Surface Abrasions, Silverfish Damage, Mould, Foxing ( Browning ) Water Damage, Stains, Fading and Discoloration.

In addition to the many repairs performed, a selection of image enhancements can be performed. Contrast, Density and Sharpness are a few enhancements commonly used to increase the clarity of a photograph.

Finished restorations are printed using our Fine Art Printing service on a paper best suited to the individual photograph.

Our philosophy is to produce restorations that remain faithful to the feel of the original, ensuring all work is seamless and retains the unique characteristics evident in each old photographic process.

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Document Restoration and Duplication

This document restoration was presented to our Melbourne showroom of an Australian soldier's certificate of service issued by the Residents of Boisdale and Gippsland district.

Of particular interest to local and family historians is our Document Scanning and Restoration service. Documents are often more fragile than many photographs and require special care and attention. Some of the enhancements we perform digitally include:

Enhancement of contrast and sharpness to improve legibility. Repair of creases, tears, stains and discoloration.

Letters, Certificates, Historical Immigration Papers, Historical Newspaper Articles are among the many documents we can work with. Using our Fine Art Printing service we can produce the finished reproduction on a variety of paper surfaces.

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Copies of Old Photographs

Photographic images have been captured on a variety of formats over the past 150 Years. With high quality scanning we can produce faithful copies of any photographic image on paper or film.

Photographic prints we copy include: Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes,tintypes, antique albumen prints ( Cabinet Cards, Carte Viste ), vintage and modern silver gelatin prints in colour and black and white.

Some of the common film formats we can print from: glass plate negatives, large and medium format films ( 120, 5x4,8x10 ), box brownie films ( 120, 126 etc ) and 35mm slides.