Visual Heritage Photo Restoration and Picture Framing Melbourne Australia

Document Restoration

We can provide a quality restoration and duplication service for virtually any paper based document. Some of the original images below range in size from A4 through to Poster Size. When printing reproductions, our fine art paper provides the perfect sense of authenticity. The following are examples that have been restored, however much of our duplication of documents calls for exact reproductions.

Document Restoration - Water damage

Document restoration of architectual plans with water damage printed on fine art paper

These original architectual drawings have been reproduced on a fine art paper in the process the stains have been digitally removed.

Document Restoration - Military Service

Military service certificate that has undergone our document restoration and duplication service. The original had tears, stains and wrinkles. Reproduced document shown on right.

This military service certificate has extensive buckles and wrinkling along with tears. The document restoration on the right has removed these defects and added missing detail that had been trimmed from the original

education certificate

An example of a document restoration, the original was torn with peices missing, the final print was reproduced on fine art paperThe only original the customer had was a colour photocopy which had been sent to him. The original owner had attempted to repair it with cellotape which itself left a deep stain and added to the restoration work needed.

family history

A certificate of importance from a family history perspective has been restored and reproduced on fine art paper A Royal Life Saving Society certificate was an important peice of family history. A reproduction was created, restored and duplicates made to share among family.